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Frequently Asked

What do you do at Alaska Women’s Advanced Medical Aesthetics?

AWAMA offers medical spa services such as Dysport, Botox, Dermal fillers, Sculptra, Radiesse, and facials. We also offer IPL, RF Micro-needling, vein removal, tattoo removal, Clear and Brilliant, Fraxel, CO2 Laser, vaginal rejuvenation, Laser hair removal, and Bodysculpt.

What should I expect after Microneedling?

The recovery from Microneedling will vary for each person. There may be some redness that may take 1 -3 days to go away. Some people experience peeling, and others do not. Your skin may feel tight and dry after the procedure. We recommend you follow the aftercare provided by the esthetician. Avoid any sun exposure for 3-10 days post-treatment. Retinol and your regular skin routine may be resumed after three days. There is typically no downtime so that you can return to normal activities. However, excessive sweating is discouraged for the first 2-3 days so the skin can heal properly.

What should I do after Dysport/Botox?

We recommend that you not touch or rub the injected area for the first 24 hours—no heavy exercise or stimulation of blood pressure for 4 hours after treatment. Do not receive facials, waxing, or lasers for two weeks post-treatment. Results can be seen anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks after injections depending on the product used.

How do I know what treatment is best for me?

At AWAMA, we recommend that you come in for a free consult with our doctor or one of our
estheticians. They will help you create a skincare plan specific to your needs.

What days are you open?

Or office is open Monday – Friday from 8:30 – 4:30. Appointments for dermal fillers or neurotoxins are only available on Wed, Thurs, and Friday.

Will I bruise after an injection of disport/Botox or Dermal fillers?

There is always a possibility that you bruise after an injection is done. For this reason, it is recommended that you schedule your treatment at least two weeks before any significant event. This will give your body the time it needs to heal.

Do you take insurance?

No, all procedures are paid out of pocket. However, our office provides reward programs and monthly promotions that each patient can take advantage of.

Can anyone do the laser treatments?

No, not everyone is a candidate for laser treatments. We recommend you make an appointment for a consultation with our esthetician. The esthetician will want a medical record of any pre-existing skin conditions, infections, and prior skin treatments you may have had. Your skin type and pigmentation will be examined along with your history to determine the best treatment to reach your goals.

What does vaginal rejuvenation help with?

Vaginal rejuvenation helps women who suffer from vaginal dryness, irritation, and itchiness which can cause pain during intercourse. This procedure can also help with urinary leakage by
tightening and strengthening the supporting ligaments surrounding the bladder and urethra.


4050 Lake Otis Parkway Suite 106
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